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Find the right flight instructor for you! is the place to find certified, experienced, and knowledgeable instructors.  You can compare instructors styles and experience to find the one that fits you.  Who knows what experience an instructor assigned to you at a fight school might have?  At everything is transparent so you can receive the best fight training. 

Why use an Independent Flight Instructor?

Many of the best flight instructors prefer to work directly with their students which enables them to better meet the needs of each student.  As a result there is a large group of experienced, passionate and knowledgeable instructors that are only available at

For many types of instruction, independent instructors are cheaper and more convenient than a typical flight school.  Especially for aircraft owners looking to stay current or add an additional rating or license.  You can find instructors with experience in your aircraft type and a schedule that matches yours.

Find a local Independent Flight Instructor now!